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Dee Foundries, Inc. was established in Houston, Texas in 1934. As Houston has grown to become the 4th largest city In the United States and the industrial center for the southwest, Dee Foundries, Inc. has found its position in the market servicing a much diversified industry. Like so many of our customers and friends in Houston, we have seen the great changes that have taken place in this area and have helped this growth by producing high quality bronze and aluminum castings in whatever quantities needed. Our relationships with many of our customers go back over 50 years. We would like to think we have contributed to their and Houston's accomplishments and we feel that we will continue to contribute for many more years to come.

What We Do

We are essentially a manufacturer of sand castings produced from a variety of bronze and aluminum alloys. We have highly developed skills in the production of difficult and complex castings in the following copper-based alloys: C-863, C-865, C-875, C-952, C-954, C-955, C-958. Aluminum alloys, 319, 355, A-356, 356, 535.

Dee Foundries, Inc. has over 60 years of experience in the design and production of fluid cylinders for plunger pump applications. With this experience we have assisted our customers in minimizing machining cost and casting cost. We meet all required specifications-ASTM, SAE etc., including chemical and mechanical properties. We are familiar with and meet industrial requirements for quality control, including NDT testing, radiography, test bars, chemistry, pressure test etc.

Our Facilities

To handle the wide variety of castings needed by our customers we have the following separate, but associated, foundries:

Supporting the individual foundries are complete Core Room facilities, producing accurately made cores by the shell core process. Our Cleaning Department has the necessary cut-off machines and grinders to properly finish our castings and our Inspection Department carefully checks castings to make certain they meet customer requirements on materials, dimensions and quality.

We also have an in house Pattern Department with highly skilled pattern makers. We work closely with the customer to make certain that specifications and requirements for patterns and cores are met. We then rig the patterns for gates and risers and do necessary maintenance and repair of customer's pattern equipment.


One important benefit of our more than 78 years of growth is a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff who produce our castings and supervise our operations. The great majority of our staff have spent many years at Dee Foundries, Inc. learning their skills and are dedicated to producing high quality castings on a production basis.

We make a serious and continuous effort to keep our technology up to date and to take advantage of new and improved methods for making quality castings. Technical control of our operations is under the direction of an experienced Foundry owner. Dee Foundries, Inc. has always been active in the Regional American Foundrymen's Society.

Our Sales Engineers have had extensive training in foundry methods and procedures.

Our Production Control and Scheduling are also handled by highly qualified and experienced personnel who have available information on the progress of customer's orders at all times. In customer emergencies we can and will produce castings on short notice and at any time. Many Houston industries can attest to our quick response to customer breakdowns and the speed with which we ship vital castings.


Dee Foundries, Inc. enjoys an excellent reputation, both with our valued customers and with our important, and necessary, suppliers.

Dee Foundries, Inc. BBB Business Review